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Personal and Professional Development and Coaching


Glow Life Abq. is New Mexico's Premier Lash Extension Training Authority. This course is taught by Master Lash Artist and Licensed Esthetician, Hollie Gonzales. In addition to lash experience, Hollie has a unique expertise in the art of customer service and clientele building.

Whether you are a lash enthusiast and want to learn as a hobby, a student or licensed professional looking to sharpen your skills, we have a training fit for your needs.

All Trainings require a $225 non-refundable deposit. 

Customer Service Training



Clientele Building Workshop, guides and modules

Elevated Infection Control Training


Business Waivers

Step by Step Guide to gaining and keeping clients

On going coaching & support

Train your team! Group pricing available. 

Lash Extension Bootcamp 

All inclusive training for the beginning Lash Artist. This course is for you if you would like to become a Certified Lash Tech. 
2 Day In Studio Training
Classic and Volume Lash Manual
Professional Kit & Supplies
Live Model Practice 

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Turn Up the Volume

Advanced Lash Volume Training for the Classic Lash Artist.
You have learned the basics of lashing and would like to advance your career, this course is your next step.
2 Day In Studio Training
Volume Manual
Volume Kit
Live Model Training

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Refresher Training

For the lash artist that has taken a certification course but needs more mentoring and more information.
1 Day in studio mentoring
Unlimited text assistance
Lash Supply/Vendor List

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You Call It

Training Course customized and tailored to the individual. This training is built for current lash artists and estheticians.
All Customizable Training
2 Day In Studio Training
A. Choose 3 Topics for your training. 
Options include:
1. Clientele Building & Customer Service for Beauty Pros
2. Retention Guide & Troubleshooting
3. Marketing & Branding
4. Social Media
5. Self-Care for Beauty Pros
6. OJT Mentoring - Bring a lash model for real time coaching
7. Volume Fan Making
8. Lash Placement & Troubleshooting
9. Time Management, Work- Life Balance & Scheduling
10. Lash Shedding 
B. Goal Setting Session & Vision Board
C. 1 X 30 Minute Goal Review & Coaching Calls for 4 weeks.

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Now offering Online E-Books and Kits 
E-Book (downloadable) $95
Customized Pro Lash Kit $225

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