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Self-Love Ceremony - The Healing Immersion Workshop

You are in full control of your life, it’s time to learn how to heal and create the reality you deserve.

Are you trapped in a toxic relationship, job or both or just need of a change but don't know where to start? This workshop helps to overcome insecurities, abandonment, trust or external validation issues which will help free you from past trauma which can propel you into the life you deserve.

This self-paced healing guide will allow you to step into your divine power that you deserve, to create the abundance, love, and health you’ve been searching for, The teachings outlined in this workshop can be used to transform any area of your life by starting to love yourself.

This workbook guide will provide activities to complete and includes a pdf download, optional self-care kit.

Guide Only (PDF) - $49

Guide + Kit $ 99

Kit Includes Items to support your healing:




Affirmation Card & Mirror


Herb Smoke

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